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New Students

Ready for your new journey?

New Students

Congratulations on making the decision to gain a deeper understanding of yourself through the discipline of martial arts. AZ Battle School brings people together from all walks of life. Each has different reasons for training, yet each should be striving for the same goal: to realize their full potential.

      Discover who you are. Any discipline can offer the possibility of self discovery, but the discipline you have chosen, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is particularly deep. The journey you have embarked on requires humility, perseverance, flexibility, awareness, and sensitivity. There are no shortcuts in the process, and because of the rigors of training, you will develop all of these attributes, and more! Increased strength and coordination, confidence, and a calm, centered awareness are just a few of the benefits that await you.

       You will be learning very effective techniques. It is your responsibility to maintain control at all times. Refrain from showing off. The people you will train with will become your 'brothers and sisters'. You will sweat together, laugh together, wrestle and roll. You cannot grow without the other, so respect your training partners, and take care of them.

       Celebrate the progress of your teammates- their progress and your progress are linked together, though it’s often hard to see from the inside. Be patient with yourself, and I guarantee that you will see the progress you’ve been working for!

       We have all been white belts. In many ways, it’s the best place to be. Keep your mind open and enjoy the journey. I will be watching and helping every step of the way.

Yours in the Arts,

Mark Hibs


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